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Decided to print clash everything in my life including my bed. Obsession taking over

yeah, i could totally go for this jumper

two-tonal tingz

In love with this get-up from Altuzarra’s SS14 Show. 

In love with this shirt from Nasty Gal

ooooooo sparkley sparkle 

Ive been known to love a good print and these from Ovidius Clothing are to die for ( and SUPER super SUPER reasonable prices, we’re talking 20 quid)


The Little Magpie

OOOOOO but then there are THESE Kenzo ones. Decisions?!?!?

Normally I’m proper, proper stinge with shoes. I never invest in a pair, because no matter the price, they always end up looking the same with me. That is: war-beaten, mud trodden and utterly misshapen. I can barely keep my body in tact (currently sporting a delightful array of cuts and bruise from my last drunken antics) let alone be arsed with polishing a pair of trainers. No ta, it’s not my bag.

So I’ve never owned a pair of converse. Nor vans, nor Nikes. 

But after seeing these liberty printed babies, I think all thats about to change. Sorry not sorry.